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When should you review your home insurance policy?

Home insurance is not a one-and-done kind of insurance. As you change and your lifestyle changes, your home insurance needs to grow and change with you. At Davis & Associates LLC in Van Buren, AR,  we make sure that we get to know our clients so that we can better access their insurance needs. No one wants to pay for insurance they don’t need or do not have the insurance they need. 

When it is time for your policy renewal, your carrier will send you a new copy of your policy. Don’t just toss it in the garbage or into a drawer, You actually need to look at it. The front page is called the declaration page. This is a synopsis of your coverage. You can look at it rather quickly and see exactly how much you are paying and what you are paying for. Do you have enough property coverage? Is the content coverage the kind you want? Do you have any endorsement? What is your deductible? What credit are you getting?  Once you have looked these all over, you can talk to your insurance agent about anything that needs to be changed. 

This is the obvious time to review your policy, but if you have made any major changes to your home, you need to make sure your insurance company knows and evaluates your house.  Have you added a dog, trampoline, or pool to your home? You may need more liability coverage. Have you replaced your roof? Added a home security system or wired smoke detectors? You may be eligible for a lower premium. It is up to you to let your insurance agent know when there are changes in your home and in your life. 

Contact Davis & Associates LLC in Van Buren, AR to talk about how we can help y9ou to make sure you have the right home coverage. 

Choosing the Right Commercial Insurance Policy

When you open a business, whether you open a sole proprietorship or a startup, you will need commercial insurance. The need increases if you own a business with a storefront or a service-based practice, such as a legal firm or medical practice.

Davis & Associates LLC serving Allen, TX can help you obtain the appropriate coverage for your business. Buying business insurance isn’t the same as insuring a house or car. Your business will need multiple coverage types and policies. In the insurance industry, what we refer to as a commercial insurance policy actually refers to a package of policies.

Most businesses start with a business owners policy (BOP) and add to it. The BOP consists of the four most common types of insurance a business needs. It includes structural damage, business and personal property, and liability protection.

You then add to it the specialty types of coverage you need. This includes additional general liability, glass insurance, boiler insurance, malpractice coverage, and more than 10 other types of insurance. Each kind of policy covers an event that only certain businesses experience. For example, a dry cleaning business that delivers clothing would need a commercial auto policy and inland marine insurance. The former would cover the vehicle’s liability and property damage as well as comprehensive and collision. The latter would cover the items transported by the business.

Only medical and legal practices need malpractice insurance, typically, but a medical doctor who also creates medical devices, such as prosthetics or a dentist that creates teeth straightening trays would also need error and omissions insurance. The medical devices would not be covered under malpractice insurance.

The complexities of commercial insurance warrant a consultation with Allen TX’s Davis & Associates LLC. Let one of our agents discuss your commercial business options with you. We can help you find just the right coverage for your business, so you do not spend too much or buy the wrong policy.

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